Setup on Iphone

iPhone Mail Configuration

Launch Settings then click on Mail contacts and Calendar then click on add mail account

The “Welcome to Mail” New Account dialog box will appear. Select Other.

The New Account configuration screen will appear. Type in your user information and click Save.


  1. Name: Your full name
  2. Address: Your email address, for example,
  3. Password: Your Myfastcom account password (if you do not have it please call 905-988-9909 x2 to get it reset)
  4. Description: Defaults to your email address – you can change it if you want then press save.






Name: enter your name

Email: enter your email address what used to be enter instead

Incoming Mail Server

  1. Host Name: Type in
  2. Username: Your Myfastcom username
  3. Password: Your Myfastcom account password (should be automatically filled in)
  4. Hostname: username is not optional
  5. (the username is before the
  6. same password as your incoming email