1. click on the postage stamp for the Apple Mail Client (if on a new mac you’ll get this screen)


  1. select account type POP
  2. fill in a description for the account
  3. fill in the username Fastcom rep gave to you
  4. fill in the password you where provided for the Email account.
  5. Press Continue

2. You will then get prompted by this:














Press the continue button to go onto the next screen

  1. Setting up Outgoing mail service information














  1. fill in server description: mailout.myfastcom.ca
  2. Outgoing Mail Server: mailout.myfastcom.ca
  3. place a check mark beside Use Authentication
  4. leave user name and password fields alone they where automatically filled in from the last screen.
  5. press continue and you will then get this:














Press the connect button you will then get a 2nd prompt for SSL press connect until there is no more connect popups once you have completed the account setup you’ll then be prompted by this screen if successful:















Click on create and then the account is setup and ready for use.