How to change MacOSX Mail App settings

How to change your existing Email Account settings for:

Macosx Mail app

  1. Open Mail App

2. Click on Mail menu at the top  then Preferences then this will appear if not then click on accounts:

3. Change your Email address to reflect your new address

Now change the incoming mail server from: to the new:

Now to change the Out going server information:

  1. click on the menu where it says Outgoing mail server (SMTP) then this will appear and click on Edit server list:

Once you click on Edit SMTP Server List this should appear:






if advanced shows up click on Account information then make the changes for Server name to

You are ONLY going to change the Incoming and outgoing mail server addresses to the following:

Incoming mail (Pop3): is now:

Outling Mail (SMTP): is now:

5. Click Apply

6. Click on OK

Now you should be setup for sending and receiving email.

Still having problems and unable to get corrected please call us at: 905-988-9909 and press option 2 on your phone for tech support.